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UCLA Health Playa Del Rey Triathlon - Course Photos
The UCLA Health Playa Del Rey Triathlon is located at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa Del Rey. It is definitely one of the most beautiful locations for a triathlon in Southern California. Below is a diagram of the transition area and swim course, plus some additional course photos.

Transition Area


Swim Course


Run Course


A view of Dockweiler State Beach in the middle of Summer from Vista Del Mar. The road you see is bike in and out. The transition area is just out of view to the right. The swim begins near the upper right of the photo.


You are looking at the entrance to the park. This road takes you out to the main part of the bike course and brings you back to the transition area.


A view of the transition area and the run course.


A street-level view of the run course. The transition area is on the left.


Enjoy views of the Los Angeles International Airport from Westchester Parkway! Stop by the famous LAX Encounter Restaurant after the event for some fine dining!


The Dockweiler bluffs from Pershing Dr.


Westchester Parkway offers wide tree-lined streets. No crowding on this course!


So luxurious!


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